TerraCycle launches service for hard-to-recycle items

2022-09-17 03:17:03 By : Ms. Gillian Lin

TerraCycle has launched TerraCycle Home, a subscription-based pickup service for more than 20 different waste streams local recycling services won't accept in curbside recycling pickup. TerraCycle Home currently services residents across New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania with plans to continue to expand its footprint across the U.S.

Materials accepted through the service include a range of items that typically can't be recycled locally, including cosmetic packaging, eyewear, PPE, pet food packaging, toys, plastic bottle caps, cigarette butts, and all types of plastic packaging.

Users can subscribe to the monthly or twice-monthly pickup service, with subscription package options that fit any need.

TerraCycle will deliver zero waste bags and an outdoor TerraCycle Home receptacle to doorsteps for easy recycling.

Once the zero waste bag is filled, users can schedule a pickup by scanning the QR code or logging into their account.

Users can put the bag in their TerraCycle Home receptacle on the scheduled day of service, and TerraCycle will pick it up from their doorstep for processing. 

All trash collected through the program will be received by TerraCycle's material recovery partners, where it will be sorted manually and then automatically into individual material components. Each material is then recycled into a raw format that can be used to make new products. As an added bonus, a portion of the waste collected through TerraCycle Home will be recycled into benches and other items that will be donated to local public parks in participating communities.

"At TerraCycle, we have always been committed to making recycling as easy and convenient as possible," says Tom Szaky, founder and CEO of TerraCycle. "Through TerraCycle Home, we are happy to now offer doorstep recycling pickups for hard-to-recycle plastics and other items that do not belong in curbside recycling bins and help keep these items out of landfills and incinerators."

Find a full list of accepted items in the TerraCycle Home service, including descriptions of how each material will be recycled, can be found here.

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